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What is the Difference Between an IP Camera, Network Camera and Internet Camera?

A few people have asked me, what is the difference between an IP Camera, Network Camera and Internet Camera? Well the answer is quite easy there is no difference. So why do these security cameras have different names? First, think about all the names. What do they all have in common? Each name refers to a device that can be connected to a network via IP and used over the Internet.

Axis Communications is the leader in IP Network Video. They use the name Network Camera for their IP enabled security cameras. The name Network Camera is one of the most common names for these products. The name simply describes how their products work by connecting to a computer network allowing all PC's and network devices to see the camera.

The name IP Camera is starting to become more common than the name Network Camera. Most manufacturers refer to their products as IP Cameras and because of this, most customers looking to buy these products refer to them as IP Cameras. Some people even mix the term IP Camera with Network Camera to call it an IP Network Camera. This is the term I like to use as well.

Lastly, is the name Internet Camera. The main camera manufacturer that uses this term is D-Link. They refer to their cameras as Internet Cameras because the camera can be configured to be viewed over the Internet from any remote location. As you probably know, that is one of the main benefits of using these cameras. The term Internet Camera is not widely used as the other two terms but it still describes the product to a tee.

Another article posted on NetworkCameraReviews.com discusses how to make IP Network Cameras accessible over the Internet. The article is entitled Viewing an IP Network Camera over the Internet. Those of you who need guidance on this process will find this article very useful.

In conclusion, whether you call these products Internet Cameras, IP Cameras, Network Cameras or even IP Network Cameras - you are using a correct name. They all describe the purpose of these cameras and one of their key benefits of how they are an advantage over old Analog CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) security cameras.

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