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3G to 802.11 review

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Joined: 13 Oct 2006
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 4:26 am    Post subject: 3G to 802.11 review Reply with quote

Over new years we were contracted to conduct surveillance on a large Meth Lab bust. While we used our typical camera setup, we recently added to our system a dual channel Cellular (3G) to 802.11 Bridge / AP.

The target house was in the center of a block that was mostly abandoned. While this provided us with several great locations for our wireless cameras, it posed a problem as to where the police would setup.

The Block was one of 4 blocks that are considered the "Drug Circle" This circle only has one entrance, and one exit. The meth house sat at the farthest point from the entrance / exit. The buildings in the block make an 802.11 over 2.4ghz impossible, and while we may of been able to use 900mzh at NLOS, we decided to try a new solution.

At the top of a single telephone pole we installed a 3G to 802.11 access point, then installed six cameras around the entrance and exit of the the blocks.

The 802.11 to 3G is assigned an IP address by ATT, and then works exactaly like a normal router would. The router receives video streams from the cameras and then through the Cingular network streams the video to our server hosted right next to the meth house.

As always, our stings went off with out a hitch, however we were all very impressed with the reliably and speeds of the router. We will be teaming up with ATT in 2008 to bring this technology to several rural construction sites that are shrink prone, yet have no internet access.

While the price is still somewhat high (60/mo per chan) for unlimited data streaming, when dealing with a construction site that has literately millions of dollars in equipment staying there, the $120 total price tag / moth for wireless service is well worth the investment.

Finally, while the antenna boosters were supplied to us and we did use them after testing the unit with out them I feel that these are more of a "Sale" accessory rather then a required accessory. We were able to keep just under 3mbps (upload) with or with out the booster. assuming that this booster did in fact work, why is ATT not offering such a device for our cellphones, or normal data cards >_>

By 2009 I expect this to be the new "Reach" to non-internet locations. Leasing this equipment on a per moth / per mb plan is obviously a gold mine. For integrators whom have already moved into the leasing / hosting world obviously understand the value of a out reach router that is available for high speed (non-dialup) remote monitoring.

If anyone has had any problems with IPvideo over 3G please let me know.

For Sale
32 Aimetis Standard Channel - $90 ea
OR buy with servers (Dell) and save!!

4 Channel Video-Insight Software - $350
8 Channel Video-Insight Capture Card - 1,000
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