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Need a basic setup primer for wireless camera (trendnet)

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Author Message
New Member

Joined: 01 Jul 2009
Posts: 7
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 9:16 am    Post subject: Need a basic setup primer for wireless camera (trendnet) Reply with quote

I just bought a trendnet tv-ip201W, it works wired but will not work wirelessly. My setup is a bit different because I have a netgear WNDR3300 for wireless in the house and I also have a Linksys dual sim card router for my tmobile at home voip phone.

Currently the netgear answers to and the linksys answers to

The trendnet camera defaults to as a static ip, all three devices use the same subnet mask and the camera shows a gateway of

I have entered the name of the wireless network in the camera and the Http port is 80 (default).

Trendnet was worthless, they said all I should need to do is add the access point name and it should work; blaming my router. I have the windows firewall shut off, I've experimented with shutting off the hardware firewalls on the routers, also shut off NAT since I know that that guy can cause issues, no luck.

I read a comment on one site that if your router is set to a ip address the setup will be a lot harder for this camera. I'm a hardware geek , I can build systems all day long but I know almost nothing about networking. On my home network I also have a problem with my xp64 bit machine not being able to see my media server in another room (or vice versa) I used to be able to get one or the other to work no problem (i.e. they never could see each other simultataneously until MS$ released an update that broke it and I haven't bee able to make it work since. Trendnet didn't bat an eye when I told them the desktop was running xp 64.

I've updated the firmware on the camera and downloaded the new version of the software they've got; no change. I'm thinking maybe there's some little step that I'm missing. I saw the post on here about firewalls, the windows firewall is disable but I also have AVAST and I haven't tried shutting it off yet, AVAST is generally very well behaved, I also have adaware going....should I try shutting it off too?
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New Member

Joined: 01 Jul 2009
Posts: 7
Location: Tampa Bay, Florida

PostPosted: Fri Jul 03, 2009 8:56 am    Post subject: Solution............. Reply with quote

After reading many posts and extracting a tiny bit of the solution from each this is what I finally figured out to make the camera work on the lan, haven't yet tried getting it visible from the net but for now this makes me happy and I'm certain the email setup thingy will not be the pain that this has been.

Be sure you update the firmware in the camera from the firmware available on trendnet's site before you do all of the below. I found that the option to update the firmware is not made available with firefox, only with IE so the trendnet camera is not really completely compatible with firefox, all the other options appear but not the firm ware update and firefox also doesn't display the countdown to camera reboot that IE does.

Given: The camera must exist within the IP address range assigned by the router.

Given: The camera should be assigned a static IP in the camera setup.

Given: Most access/point routers default to, however, in my case since there are two routers in my setup (and this probably applies to more than two as well) the main Netgear WNDR3300 defaults to while the linksys with sim cards for my tmobile voip line takes up the address by default. The IP addresses assigned by the router DHCP on the netgear router would all start with 192.168.1.------ which means the camera would not exist within the range assigned by the Netgear router if it is left at the default static IP address.

Given: The camera defaults to which if you look at the above information means it is not going to be seen by the router because the zero before the .30 (on the end of the address) puts the camera in a different IP address range.

Given: As far as I've read everything must be using the same subnet, in this case (and it all does).

Given: After you set it all up reboot your computer with the camera turned on so IP addresses will be properly assigned.

So here are the settings for the Netgear WNDR3300 dual band N router that so far continue to work. I don't know if half of these are truly necessary but so far it continues to work so I AIN'T GONNA MESS WITH IT ANYMORE (LOL).

In camera setup:
Assign static IP to
gateway: (router address)
put in network name (from router setup) for your G/B network, since mine is dual band N I have two separate network names (and SSID broadcast needs to be enabled in your router, usually is by default).
Http: 80

In Netgear WNDR3300 router/access point:
Go to Lan setup:
Also set as DHCP server
IP address range to pass out to devices: to (now I did read something that says to get to camera from outside you must assign the camera outside the range given out by the router but I'm not that far yet. Later, happy this is going for now)
Address reserved: (it also asks for the Mac address of the device which is printed on a lable on the bottom of the camera along with serial number etc., MAC address is unique to each adapter or device)
UPNP set to on
Port Forwarding/Trigger: add HTTP (start port) 80 (end port) 80

Thanks for the hints folks, I figured this out by reading a lot of the posts on here. I'm a total networking newbie but I had an inkling on some of this just never any practical experience. Strangely enough once it was going I could ping the camera without the cable hooked up but not with the cable hooked up (I may have to deal with that again later if I need to update the firmware etc. but I'm not worrying about it right now and rebooting may have cured that issue as well).

I hope this helps somebody. Thx again. Laughing
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