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The choice of the camera infrared light source

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 23, 2012 9:51 pm    Post subject: The choice of the camera infrared light source Reply with quote

The choice of the camera infrared light source
---Shenzhen L.H.Y Digital Technology Co.,Ltd. www.aflhy.cn

Infrared light is the invisible wavelengths greater than 780nm of visible light. In general, come into this invisible light, in the following three:

The first: the use of incandescent or xenon lamp issued by infrared light. That these two lights visible light filters installed to filter out visible light, only to not see.See infrared light injection. This light source for the thermal infrared light source, its biggest advantage is made of a relatively large power and the irradiation angle, and therefore according to shoot distance. Its biggest shortcomings is that the visible light ingredients, namely, red storm, and the short life, if you work 10 hours per day, 5000 hours can only use more than a year, considering the heat is not enough, life is even shorter. To improve the life of thermal radiation of infrared light, the use must also be light control switch circuit to reduce their working hours. In addition, an increase of the delay switch circuit to prevent the interference of ambient light.

The second: the use of infrared light emitting diode LED or LED array to produce infrared light. This device is a gallium arsenide (GaAs) semiconductor electronic hole recombination to produce infrared light.This use of the semiconductor gallium arsenide light-emitting diode array consisting of infrared light, especially now that the use of new technology development and production of an array of integrated light-emitting core chip LED-the Array. An LED-Array optical output of 800mw-1000mw become the new generation product of the normal LED, LED-ArrayThe luminous half-power angle of 10-120 (variable angle). LED-Array is a highly integrated LED, while the volume is only one penny coin small, in the room can be uniformly illuminated all the space, its life expectancy of 50,000 hours. It was originally used in the aviation aircraft above, in recent years,due to the development of the China night monitoring market, LED-Array gradually toward the civilian market as an ideal choice for high-quality night monitoring.
Although the infrared LED and LED-Array out of the thermal infrared light source, but the monitoring of more than 1km long distance scene, or to choose Infrared LED light source. Semiconductor laser is higher than the LED brightness, directional, and other characteristics.

Third: the use of infrared laser diode LED, can be used for infrared light. But it should at the lower energy state of electronic excitation or pump to a higher energy up state, the distribution of reversal by a large number of particles, the resonance while maintaining the stimulated emission of infrared light.
Described above, several infrared light, here we will tell you should be aware of some of the points in the choice of infrared light:
A, infrared lamp distance to left margin
Choice of infrared light, with particular attention to the nominal distance and the actual irradiation distance gap. Some plant nominal viewing distance is often too .In the choice of infrared light irradiation distance to the actual test, and to leave sufficient margin to make the illumination of the scene observed rely on.
B, should be used in the light of the steady flow of source driver
Because LED is a current-driven devices, and its brightness and power is proportional to the drive current, not voltage. Therefore, in order to maintain the light-emitting the same light of the steady flow source driver must be selected.
C, to make use of heat good light
LED has a heating and cooling problems, especially power distance light fever volume, so it must be selected to heat a good light source In order to ensure stable and reliable.
D, to selected light control switch automatic control circuit power supply circuit and the light board separate the infrared light source
Not separated because the power supply circuit of infrared light and the light board, could make the light-emitting device performance of the pipe work of the heat generated by the power supply circuit,Caused by the LED light-emitting unstable, with the light control switch circuit, you can make the infrared light during the day and close the open night.
E, according to the distance of the monitor to use infrared light
Infrared light emitting diode LED can be mounted on the camera, equipped with infrared cameras, or directly mounted on the camera around the lens mount chassis on. Obviously, the distance of these two assembly infrared LED light irradiation is certainly far better to separate the infrared LED light irradiation. General, more than 50m,the best selection of single infrared LED lights for good, another infrared LED night-vision lighting used for monitoring the scene of more than 1km distance, but the LED beam is fine and strong, the job of the infrared beam to illuminate a range of scenes, the use will also be required by a beam expander lens beam expander.

Shenzhen L.H.Y Digital Technology Co.,Ltd.
For more information,please visit www.aflhy.cn
If you have any interest of our products,welcome to email dophia@aflhy.net for more detail.
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