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4XEM DMIR Dome IP Network Camera
4XEM DMIR Dome IP Network Camera
Part Number: IPCAMDMIR
This product is discontinued
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
4XEM's DMIR Dome IP Network Camera features a 1/3" CCD Image Sensor with resolution of 480 lines, MJPEG video compression, Auto Iris control, Infra-red Illumination and Pan/Tilt movement with 20 programmable positions. The DMIR Dome IP Network Camera is ideal for applications that require an unobtrusive Dome design for discreet camera placement, Infra-red Illumination for optimal night operation and Pan/Tilt functionality for surveillance areas that are larger than the viewing span of one stationary IP camera.

The motion detection feature will trigger still image capture and send the image via e-mail or to an FTP location. Bundled software allows monitoring and control of up to 4 IP Cameras from any web browser, and the quick and simple installation means you will be up in minutes viewing streamed video.

Technical Specifications
Technical Specifications have not been added for this IP Camera. We are in the process of updating the NetworkCameraReviews.com website to reflect the correct and up-to-date specifications for each IP Camera. If you would like the Technical Specifications for this camera to be added to the site immediately, please contact us with the contact form located on our Contact Us page.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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