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4XEM WPT Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera
4XEM WPT Pan/Tilt IP Network Camera
Part Number: IPCAMWPT
This product is discontinued
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
IPCAMWPT Forum Posts - Pre-Sales Questions and Post-Sales Support
Below are a list of posts containing sales and support questions. These have been taken from the NetworkCameraReviews.com Forums. If your question is not found, please feel free to register on our forums to find the answers you need. You can register for an account here.

Does anyone know which chipset the 4XEM IPCAMWPT uses?
[color=blue:fd2fa54b07][/color:fd2fa54b07][size=24:fd2fa54b07][/size:fd2fa54b07]I'm wondering if anyone knows which chipset(s) the 4XEM IPCAMWPT. My hope is to try and find a java based video stream viewer/controller instead of the activex so IE isn't required. Thanks...

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