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Axis 2100 Network Camera
Axis 2100 Network Camera
Part Number: 2100
This product is discontinued
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
2100 Forum Posts - Pre-Sales Questions and Post-Sales Support
Below are a list of posts containing sales and support questions. These have been taken from the NetworkCameraReviews.com Forums. If your question is not found, please feel free to register on our forums to find the answers you need. You can register for an account here.

Dahua HFW2100 for $143
Empire Security just sent out an email that they have them for $143 each, $132 if you buy more 4+. They also have a $20 off coupon as well, SAVE20 is the coupon code. Their site doesn't show any real prices until you register and give it a few minutes to update. https://www.empiresecuritycameras....

Dahua Mini Bullet Review - HFW2100
The little brother to the Dahua Bullet, the Mini Me Bullet. Not bad for under $200. 1.3MP, IR cut filter, bright IR illuminators, low noise at night. http://www.networkcameracritic.com/?p=882...

arecont av2100
So I wonder if anynone has experience with arecont av2100 I just got une for cheap with lens. I pluged it in to 12 v 1.5 external power supply. The camera powers on but is not recognized. It seems that it may have firmware issue or could be hardware. I searched an someone stated that there is a way ...

Axis 2100 stops feed after a while
Hi, another problem, my axis 2100 works fine and the feed is fine, but after a while the feed seems to stop, i can access the admin page but when i try to see live feed nothing happens, what can cauae this? Cheers Niklas...

replace axis 2100
[b:1a69dd72fc]I currently have an Axis 2100 I use as a wildlife cam in my yard. I would like to get a new camera that will zoom just a bit. I am at a loss as to what will work best. The 2100 auto uploads and replaces the image. It would be nice if my new one did video.[/b:1a69dd72fc]...

Axis 2100 problems solved
Ok....I purchased two Axis 2100 on Ebay, in used condition and I had a lot of trouble trying to set them as per the manual on my Windows Vista. After several weeks, doing all kind of troubleshootings and research, I found out that Windows Vista will not work on the Axis IP configuration program and...

Axis 2100 problem after bad firmware upgrade
Hi, I upgrade firmware Axis 2100 via FTP and the camera restarted. When i power on th cam, the network an dthe status LED is blinking very fast red. Network cable is plugging, but my switch indicate unplugging. Any solve for this problem? What can i do? Thanks, thanks. Steve Sorry for my e...

Axis 2100 use in darkness question?
I got this cam two weeks ago, the cam have been used indoor since it was new. When its dark outside my house where the cam are sitting on the roof, the view of the cam is changing between dark and light, it looks like noise on a television :cry: If you try to download this avi clip, you better un...

CCD damage by sunlight? Axis 2100
Hi all, I've got an Axis 2100 facing South and although the sun doesn't actually cross the path of the image it does glare a little bit at the top of the image. I've seen webcams where there's a pink stripe where the sun has actually gone across the view but is it only pointing at the sun direct...

setup Axis 2100 network camera
I have one problem to setup and install my old Axis 2100 network camera, some one can help me to setup to my new compuer.Thanks...

setup AXIS 2100 network camera
my computer' hard drive had bad sector to OS, so I setup one new computer to use, but my computer cannot detectived my 3 camera, so some one can help me to install my camera to my computer.. thanks...

HELP: Axis 2100 dead after firmware upgrade attempt
Hi, I tried to upgrade an Axis 2100 from version 2.33 to 2.47 via FTP. At the ftp prompt everything looked fine and the camera restarted. However, I was not able to re-open an ftp session after the restart. My old root password did not work anymore and neither did the default password "pass&...

Inside photos of D-Link DCS-950 & DCS-2100 wanted!
Could anybody share photos of disassembled D-Link DCS-950 & DCS-2100 cameras? And it would be great. if you could measure the dimensions of the inside boards....

need help with 2 D-Link DCS-2100
hey guys i just got 2 d-link dcs 2100's from a friend and im confused on how to set these up. all i was given were the cameras and power cords, no software. i downloaded AXIS one camera license and im trying to get that to work but its not. i have a lynksis router with a wep and have no idea where t...

Ftp Problem with axis 2100
I can not get it to upload images there is a snapshot of the settings1 [img:f0813a0c2f]http://brouklis.com/axis.jpg[/img:f0813a0c2f] Any adeas why? DImitris...

Axis 2100 at night
I have a couple of Axis 2100 cameras that have until now only been used internally, however am trying to use one of them to cover a small outside area. At night It is lit poorly by sodium streetlamps, but the image quality drops dramatically, any movement appears blurred and i'm getting closer to...

AXIS 2100's
I have 5 Axis 2100's. It is not compatible with our new systems, so they have to go. All come with the original lens and power supplies, with the exception of one, the power supply was cut.... 175 each. Great condition (like new) with updated firmware, and software disc. -Chris...

Problems with Axis Camera Station
If you are using Axis 2100's then I would say try using IVC's software they support Axis 2100's and above all you can get a demo copy of the software which is licensed for 1 camera and you can see what all features you get with them. And besides that you will have full web based access to all cam...

Axis 2100 foggy image and my experiences
Hi all, I hope this is a good place to come for advice and help... I was extremely lucky a little while back to find an Axis 2100 camera complete in box at a boot sale and pay only ?2 for it! (It was very cold and the guy desperately wanted to go!) I was absolutely thrilled as I'd always wanted ...

dlink 2100g or vivotek 3136
can anyone tell me which camera is a better buy: dlink's dcs2100g or vivotek ip3136? thanks...

2100 Live Demo / In Use?
Does anyone have an AXIS 2100 and/ or 200+ that is in use that has public access? I'd like to see the quality of the images. Thanks -d...

Axis 2100 Review
Can you get the Axis 2100 listed on this site? Right now all you have is the 205, 206 and 211A....

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