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AXIS 213 PTZ Network Ccamera
AXIS 213 PTZ Network Ccamera
Part Number: 213
Buy this AXIS network camera at:
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
213 Forum Posts - Pre-Sales Questions and Post-Sales Support
Below are a list of posts containing sales and support questions. These have been taken from the NetworkCameraReviews.com Forums. If your question is not found, please feel free to register on our forums to find the answers you need. You can register for an account here.

Replacement for Axis 213
I've been the happy owner of an Axis 213 for 7 years. But is has recently quit working properly (random lines across the viewing area and finally autofocus problems that I could not resolve). The camera has been near perfect for our needs: first when my wife was deployed to the middle-east and now f...

Anyone with an Axis 213 Please Help
Hi, I'm new here and hope someone can help me. I bought a damaged Axis 213 on eBay and need to know the value of a capacitor that was ripped off the circuit board. It is C719 it is located near the gear that rotates the unit. [img:cc3d1ba2a2]http://img21.imageshack.us/img21/4179/axis213cap.jpg[/img...

Axis 213 PTZ - Optimal settings?
Just setup an Axis 213 PTZ IP camera for viewing my fishtank while I go on holidays. Viewing over the network is like watching TV smooth and clear. Viewing over the internet from an outside computer my stream is very choppy allthough clear when using the pan/tilt/zoom features there is a major de...

AXIS PTZ 213 newb
I'm just getting to know this cam and have a few questions. Can you clean up the interface a bit by installing new html/buttons/JavaScript? Has anyone done this or created a walk thru, search is yielding very little and google is just trying to sell me things... Any best practices advice? ...

customizing Axis 213 Interface...
Hello, I am curious if anyone can point me to some resources on how to 'dumb-down' the standard Live View interface, or add some sort of pan/zoom controls to the java applet? I have previously used the stock applet that came with the Canon VBC50iR but have replaced that camera with an Axis 213. I ...

Axis 213 has stopped alowing nighttime view
I have an Axis 213 that has recently stopped allowing me nighttime view. Daytime view is still perfect but when I go to enable nighttime view with the IR light I get a white blurr on one side of the screen and without I get just a solid black screen. Nothing more. I do the cut filter step, as I...

axis 213 PTZ out of focus
Hello I have an outdoor 213 PTZ camera for about a year now. It worked fine but since a few months I cant get it to focus properly anymore. Closeup is fine but from like 30m+ it gets all vague.. I tried overuling it with the manual focus but this didnt make it any better.. Please help me out :) ...

Streaming from IP cameras (Axis 213)
We are trying to stream from IP cameras and display in real time like an anlogue CCTV solution. When displaying images in a browser from the Axis 213 on a fibre test network we get about 25fps using MPEG4 ASP. We set the camera up looking at a fan as our test object. The iages will stream OK and th...

axis ptz 2130r help required.
Good day all. I hope someone can help me.I purchased a axis ptz 2130r off ebay. Camera works fine but was supplied with no disks or manuals. I have downloads camera station 1 software from the axis website and have got to viewing the camera online also. But the porblem i have is that i wish to h...

Alternative Software for AXIS 212 and AXIS 213
Hi Everyone, Basically I am looking for a package where I can remote control the PTZ cameras and not necessarily record them. I have a separate video server to do that. I just wanted to ask a few questions in regard to software. Is there are an alternative software packages that will work with AX...

Axis 213 PTZ IR cut filter Question
Hi Folks, I'm new here and I would first like to say hello to everyone out there. A little back ground bout myself, I recently took on a project to stream live video and have been researching all the available technology to meet our application. We had settled on the Axis 213 PTZ for its IR capab...

axis 213 configuration for wimax(wireless)
i have axis 213 camera connected throught wimax (speed of wimax 6 Mbps) which is enough but still i can't see the image in good fps i tried to use mpeg4 but when i use it i have problem in the video and internet explorer crashed . so what is the best configuration ?...

Canon VB-C50i versus Axis 213 PTZ
Does anyone have any experience with either of these? I need a high quality PTZ with IR and both of these are nice cameras on paper, but I wanted to know from someone with first hand experience. I'm particularly interested in the quality of the video - MJPEG versus MPEG-4, and how well the standar...

ip network camera
I have an Axis 213 with an outdoor enclosure that I got for roughly $2080. The 213 is a great PTZ camera that supports both Mpeg4 and Motion JPEG. It has a built in IR but is only good for about 10-15 feet. I like the quality on my camera and it was easy to setup. I was thinking of the 232D, but...

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