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Website: http://www.baxall.com
Phone Number: 0161 406 6611
Baxall Limited
Unit 1 Castlehill, Horsfiled Way
Stockport Cheshire

About Baxall Limited

Excellence in design, manufacturing and customer service
Baxall is the leading British manufacturer of high quality CCTV equipment and video network solutions. From cameras, switchers and receivers to the most complex systems dealing with thousands of cameras, Baxall offer the most innovative range available. Committed to ensuring the highest standards are maintained from the design and development team right through to our unrivalled after-sales service, the company has gained an enviable reputation within the security industry for reliability and value for money.

Dedicated to Innovation and total quality
The Baxall Philosophy is simple: total quality in everything we do. That commitment demands an expert team working together to provide our customers with the products they want. It also requires substantial investment in the latest technology to ensure that in design and production, Baxall remains the pioneering force in the market.

"To excel as a global provider of high quality and innovative
products to the video marketplace"

Baxall is pioneering work on transmitting video and audio through existing ATM networks. The result is our destiny range of products, three of which have been awarded Millenium product status by the UK Design council. Recognizing the growth of IT and communications marketplaces, Baxall will continue to remain at the forefront of developments through the design of new video network products.

Our customers are continually demanding more intricate solutions to the most complex security situations. Baxall systems are well established worldwide, providing high quality surveillance in town and city centers, retail centers, educational establishments, penal institutions and sports stadiums. Our flexibility in design and production makes Baxall the ideal partner for overcoming unique security challenges.

Providing CCTV equipment of the finest quality has been Baxall's strength for over 20 years. Our extensive range of cameras, receivers, switchers, multiplexers, and telemetry is unrivalled. The Baxall team of expert engineers ensure that our products are continually evolving to take advantage of the latest developments in this high technology industry.

Baxall Limited IP Network Cameras & Video Servers
There are no cameras listed for Baxall Limited.

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