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Website: http://www.boschsecurity.us
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Bosch Security Systems

About Bosch Security Systems

The premier leader in security solutions, Bosch Security Systems provides the products and services needed in today's demanding world.

Bosch Security Systems combines the experience and expertise of three industry powerhouses - Detection Systems, Radionics, and Philips CSI - with the 100-year history of Bosch's quality and innovation.

Our expansive product portfolio offers a wide range of internationally approved intrusion and access systems, motion detectors and fire alarms as well as analog and digital video systems including CCTV systems, observation systems, surveillance cameras, monitors, video switchers and control systems, and digital recording systems. Powerful hardware platforms and flexible systems allow us to offer superior products that meet the dynamic needs of the security industry.

Under the Bosch brand we offer a full range of electronic security systems including sophisticated PC-based systems and digital products to our Bosch Certified Security Dealers, and selected products will be available through distribution.

Bosch Security Systems also offers application support for architects and engineers specifying our products. Our helpful technical support experts are always available to provide assistance should there be a need. We are there for you during all crucial phases of a project - before during and after the sale.

At Bosch Security Systems, we proudly offer security you can rely on.

Bosch Security Systems IP Network Cameras & Video Servers

NWD-495 - Bosch NWD-495 FlexiDome Day/Night Network Camera
0 Reviews

The Bosch NWD-495 FlexiDome IP camera is designed for demanding environments requiring continuous surveillance. The camera features a high-impact, vandal-proof dome, and offers true day/night functionality for peak performance in light and completely dark conditions.

NWD-455 - Bosch NWD-455 FlexiDome IP Network Camera
0 Reviews

Encased in a high-impact, vandal-resistant housing, the Bosch NWD-455 netowrk camera is designed for use in the most demanding surveillance applications. It streams DVD-quality video at up to 30 frames per second, and offers MPEG-4 compression and multicasting abilities to efficiently manage bandwid

NWC-0900 - Bosch NWC-0900 Megapixel Day/Night Network Camera
0 Reviews

The NWC-0900 is a high-performance megapixel network camera offering true day/night functionality for continuous 24-hour surveillance, even in dark conditions. The camera captures and streams exceptionally clear and detailed video images. It supports PoE for easy cost-effective installation, and acc

NWC-0800 - Bosch NWC-0800 Megapixel Network Camera
0 Reviews

With megapixel resolution and selectable MJPEG video compression, the Bosch NWC-800 is capable of streaming crisp and detailed video images over your network for live viewing and digital recording. The camera supports PoE for flexible installation, and offers adjustable frame rate and resolution.

NWC-0700 - Bosch NWC-0700 Megapixel Network Camera
0 Reviews

The Bosch NWC-0700 is a megapixel network camera that can cover areas much larger than traditional analog security cameras. The camera receives it power and transmits data over a standard Ethernet cable. Frame rate and resolution are adjustable to accommodate network bandwidth and storage requiremen

NWC-0495 - Bosch NWC-0495 DinionXF Day/Night IP Camera
0 Reviews

The Bosch NWC-0495 DinionXF is a high-performance, 1/3-inch CCD Day/Night IP network camera that is designed to ensure the highest possible image quality at all time. This ultra-compact IP camera provides DVD-like quality MPEG-4 video. Features - Advanced Day/Night IP camera with mechanically sw

NWC-0455 - Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion IP Camera
0 Reviews

The Bosch NWC-0455 Dinion IP network camera is a 1/3-inch CCD digital color IP network camera designed to ensure the highest possible image quality This ultra-compact IP camera provides DVD-like quality MPEG-4 video. Features - Advanced color CCD IP network camera - DVD-quality up to 30 IPS at

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