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The Canon VB-C50Fi Fixed-Mount Network Camera
The Canon VB-C50Fi Fixed-Mount Network Camera
Part Number: VB-C50Fi
This product is discontinued
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
Affordable, fixed-mount network camera with built-in server

Powerful zoom capability
Utilising a Genuine Canon 26x power zoom lens with 12x digital zoom, the VB-C50Fi produces close-up images with exceptional detail - ensuring a high level of surveillance from a distance. Due to a 400K pixel CCD, a clear and accurate image can be captured without any loss of detail. The camera offers an excellent low-light capability, allowing normal operation down to 1 lux. It even features a Night Mode, for capturing monochrome images in complete darkness - providing external infrared lighting is made available.

High quality video capture with smooth network transmission

The VB-C50Fi is capable of capturing videos at up to 25 frames per second (network bandwidth permitting) with a resolution of 768 x 576 pixels - to give smooth, high-quality video. The video quality and frame rate can be set freely to suit the available bandwidth, producing natural, life-like images. Plus transmitted images can reach the widest possible audience - up to 50 users at the same time - while still ensuring a clear and sharp picture.

Compact design and ultra simple set up

Both the camera and server are housed in a single, compact unit - with an attractive yet unobtrusive design enabling highly effective surveillance. What's more, installation of the network camera is exceptionally simple. Just two connections are required to start streaming live video - a power supply and a connection to your existing LAN. The end result is an all-in-one network camera solution that can be set up immediately, with full support for all major network protocols.

Easy operation even for advanced functions

Remote control software ensures easy operation for all users - via a PC Viewer or platforms compatible with the supplied Java Viewer (i.e. Mac, UNIX). Thanks to a Motion Detection feature, the camera can send an email alert or turn on external security lighting when motion is detected. A 26-pin multi-connector allows quick and simple connection to peripheral devices, such as sensors or a door lock. It also enables an external monitor to be easily connected to the camera, to display live images. For secure wall or ceiling mounting for the camera, an optional bracket is available. Other practical options include a camera tripod and Wide Angle Converter Lens.

Technical Specifications
Two-Way Audio:
Motion Detection:
Digital PTZ:
Changeable Lens:
Analog Output:
Dynamic DNS:
FTP & Email Screenshots
Software Included  
Drivers & Utilities:
Recording Software:
Installation Software:
Video Compression Motion-JPEG (video), JPEG (still images)
Max Video Resolution: 768 x 576 pixels
Light Sensitivity: 1 lux
Lens Type: CCD
Frames Per Second: 25 fps
Access Restrictions:
Video Input:
Serial Ports:
Video Source:
Video Modulation:
Image Sensor:
Shutter Speed:
Network Type: RJ-45 Ethernet, 10/100Mb/sec Auto-Negotiation
Dimensions(W x D x H): 66mm x 97mm x 134mm
Weight: 480g
Operating Environment:

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