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Website: http://www.canvision.net
Phone Number: 1-888-3550895
208-13775 74th AVE.
Surrey BC
V3W9C5 Canada

About ORITE/CanVision

Canvision Technologies Co., Ltd. started from May 2003, is one of ORITE Technology company's branch. Main products are selling ORITE's all product line, including digital camera, video capture card (Security DVR system), usb pc camera, MP3player, other multimedia relative products.

O'Rite Technology, since it's establishment on Aug. 1994, has dedicates in Multimedia Video products. As the way it's innovative technologies always play a leading role in the field. The product brand name "ORITE" becomes well-know worldwide. There are 7 branch companies all over the world (in Taiwan. China. Japan. Singarpore. Canada. USA..etc). Because of 300 dealers in Taiwan and 30 agents spread around the world, we have very powerful marketing channel.

O'Rite has a simple but proven business philosophy. To develop innovative, economical global manufacturing solutions that will exceed our client's requirements. This philosophy has provided O'Rite Technology Co., Ltd. with many successful business relationships. We are currently expanding to provide these solutions on a global level. At O'RITE, we believe manufacturing requirements of the future will require global customer support.

There are many reasons "ORITE" trusted by the customers, the most significatant one is the company philosophy "Everything All-Right to our customer." and is achieved by our strong R&D team, efficient service, and the critical QA commitment.

ORITE is engaged in design and marketing of desktop video cameras, video capture and other multimedia devices for the personal computer. ORITE's mission is to combine video computing ability with communication to create the ease-of-use computing products for mainstream consumers.
Being a manufacturer and an exporter, we have succefully developed a suitable amount of OEM business with some international giant companies yet still maintained reasonable share for distribution channel.

Looking into the future, it goes without saying, that the multimedia products will become the mainstream. However, for a user's point of view, it isn't going to be easy to choose the best solution. ORITE will keep on playing the role, to delivery the right product at the right time. Also, for the sake of customer's benefit, the future coming products must be the best performance/cost ratio as well as the best quality.

ORITE/CanVision IP Network Cameras & Video Servers

IC301 - IPcam video & audio network camera
0 Reviews

ORITE IP-Cam is a colourful camera with a built-in IP address, Ethernet Software Stacks and Protocols. Plugging ORITE IP-Cam directly to a RJ45 Ethernet port and watch the camera site from anywhere around the world. Connecting directly to Ethernet networks, ORITE IP-Cam is a stand-alone digital netw

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