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D-Link DCS-6620G Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera.
D-Link DCS-6620G Wireless G 10x Optical Zoom Internet Camera.
Part Number: DCS-6620G
This product is discontinued
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
DCS-6620G Forum Posts - Pre-Sales Questions and Post-Sales Support
Below are a list of posts containing sales and support questions. These have been taken from the NetworkCameraReviews.com Forums. If your question is not found, please feel free to register on our forums to find the answers you need. You can register for an account here.

DCS-6620G might be dead
Hello. I have a probelm with my old Dlink DCS-6620G camera. It died for a few months ago (maybe year) so i changed it with a new one, and since then it have been collecting dust. Today i found the camera again, and tried with a different power supply, and it works some what again. I have 2 ...

Software For DCS-6620G Cams / Home Wireless Network
Hello: Can anyone make some suggestions (and provide links to retailers for) software for our four DCS-6620G IP cameras? We also have ONE of the DCS-5300s. We use Vista Home Premium on a home network and one computer runs Vista 64-bit. We have DLink routers and figured DLink's stuff would mes...

DCS-6620G Trouble with Audio "Talk" Feature
Hoping someone can help out here. I've tried through tech support and they can't seem to get this resolved. I spent the money on the high end to get the quality and everything else is great, but this one feature which is really important for me, but is not at all reliable. Sometimes, but not ofte...

DCS-6620G -Absolutely NO way to remote view thru a Mac??
So.....I finally got everything up and running. Got throught the dodgy tech support from D-link and Belkin. Got thru tech support from my internet provider. Got the wireless camera up and running on my LAN, then through painstaking work got it working remotely. Awesome! I can actually see and co...

D-Link DCS-6620G
Our enterprise is using the IP Surveillance Monitoring & Playback software that shipped with the D-Link 6620G (wireless) and we could use some help with recording and saving. 1. What settings would best prevent the recording process from filling the hard drive as quickly, without compromising...

Webcam and Website
Hi, I am trying to figure out how to do the same - I put down almost $800.00 so that I can stream video to my website for my visitors to see but I have no idea how to do it and the manual doesn't speak to it - the manual only seems to cover accessing d-link's view/control webpage or the non-web base...

Problems with DLink DCS-6620G
I was wondering if someone can help me out. I just purchased a D-Link DCS-6620G, and have a few bugs to work out. 1) I cannot get it to work at all wireless. It works fine hooked up to my router, but if I try to go wireless, it does not work. I own a Netgear RangeMax Wireless Router, Model WPN824...

Is 4xEM IPCAMWLPTZ (wireless cam with 10x zoom) reliable?
[quote:512ad619f2="Wes"]...its a shame there is no way to do a soft reset on the [4xEM IPCAMWLPTZ] camera. One way to get around it (if you can connect to the camera) is go to the network configuration section and just click save. It will cause the camera to reboot. ...[/quote:512ad619f2] I found...

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