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NSC15-WG Wireless Network Camera
NSC15-WG (550901)
NSC15-WG Wireless Network Camera
Part Number: NSC15-WG (550901)
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
Wireless, MPEG4 + Motion-JPEG + 3GPP mobile phone streaming, audio and 10x digital zoom

The INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS SOHO Network Camera, Model NSC15-WG (550901), is the ideal camera for home-network-based video streaming. You can access the camera remotely over the Internet, and you can save snapshots or record directly from your Web browser to the local hard drive without installing any software or drivers.

No need to worry about complex network setup procedures. The installation wizard provides an easy setup that allows a non-technical person to begin using the camera right away.

Simultaneous Viewing
Includes a Multi-Viewer software utility that allows you to monitor up to sixteen cameras at the same time. The advanced video compression produces a high-quality, high-frame-rate, VGA, CIF video stream.

Dual Mode: Simultaneous MPEG4 + Motion-JPEG Streaming
The Pro Series Network Camera supports MPEG4 as well as Motion-JPEG video formats, providing superior quality and, at the same time, continuing to support existing applications (the law in most countries only accepts JPEG video format as evidence in court). MPEG4, on the other hand, allows you to transmit a larger amount of data over the same amount of bandwidth while providing smooth and seamless viewing.

Wireless 802.11g and 100Base-TX
Go wireless or wired. The camera supports WEP, WPA and WPA2 encryption for wireless security, and you can connect a higher-gain antenna to extend the wireless transmission range.

Remote Monitoring Utility
This application adds enhanced features and functionality while allowing up to five users to concurrently access the Internet Camera from a remote site via a LAN or the Internet. Other features include image monitoring, recording images to a hard drive, viewing up to sixteen cameras on one screen, and snapshots.

Web & Utility Configuration
Using an administrator utility or standard Web browser, IT administrators can also configure and manage the camera remotely through the Internet or a LAN. The utility allows you to manually send captured images by e-mail.

Integrated DDNS Client
Utilize the free DYNDNS service (like DYNDNS.org) in order to connect to your camera, even if you do not have a static IP address assigned by your ISP (Internet service provider). This feature lets you easily set up a URL that can be used to access the camera through the Internet using any Web browser.

Professional functions
The INTELLINET NETWORK SOLUTIONS SOHO Network Camera NSC15-WG (550901) provides features that normally can only be found in professional-grade products. SSL Encryption keeps the data connections secure, simultaneous MPEG4 + Motion-JPEG Streaming for best compatibility, 3GPP mobile phone streaming for on-the-road connectivity, UPnP Port-Forwarding for configuration-free router setup, full-duplex audio support, and an excellent image quality never thought possible for a SOHO-type network camera.

Product Info and Support: Click here.
Live Image (updated every 60 seconds)

Technical Specifications
Full Duplex Two-Way Audio:
Audio/Video Output:
Microphone Input:
Height: 104 mm
Weight: 0.13 kg
Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS:
Supported Companies: DynDNS.org,
EMI & Safety
Certifications: CE, FCC Class B, RoHS
Event Operations
Motion Detection:
FTP Snapshots:
Email Snapshots:
Schedule Snapshots:
Event Snapshots:
Changeable Lens:
Lens Type: Focal length 4.0 mm, F 2.0, object distance 0.2 m to infinity
Horizontal Field of View: 59
Operating Environments
Temperature: 0 - 45C (32 - 113F)
Humidity: 20 80% RH, non-condensing
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor
Ports and Connectors
IO Block:
Network Type: TCP/IP, 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet
Consumtion: 3.5 Watts (max.)
Output: 5 V DC
Input: 110 V / 230 V (50 / 60 Hz)
Access Restrictions:
Number of Simultanious
Logged-in Users:
Software Included
Recording Software:
Installation Utilities:
Built-in WebServer:
RAM: 64 Mbyte SDRAM
ROM: 8 Mbyte flash memory
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows XP, Linux, MAC OS,
Compatible Browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror,
Viewing Protocols: JAVA, ActiveX,
Megapixels: 0.4
Video Compression: MPEG4 + Motion-JPEG + 3GPP Triple-Streaming
Max Video Resolution: 640 x 480
Light Sensitivity: 0.5 lux at F2.0
Frames Per Second: 30 @ VGA resolution
Image Sensor: Omnivision 1/4 in. progressive-scan CMOS sensor with OmniPixel2 technology
Progressive Scan:
Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES):
Automatic Gain Control (AGC):
Automatic White Balancing (AWB):
Flip Image:
Mirror Image:
WEP Encryption:
WPA Encryption:
Wireless Protocol: 802.11b, 802.11g,
Digital Zoom:
Digital Zoom Range: 10X

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