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Linksys WVC54G Wireless-G Internet Video Camera
Linksys WVC54G Wireless-G Internet Video Camera
Part Number: WVC54G
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
WVC54G Forum Posts - Pre-Sales Questions and Post-Sales Support
Below are a list of posts containing sales and support questions. These have been taken from the NetworkCameraReviews.com Forums. If your question is not found, please feel free to register on our forums to find the answers you need. You can register for an account here.

Linksys WVC54GCA donīt work with IE 8+9
Hi, i can see my video with mozilla Firefox, but with IE i canīt see the video. I try many changes (activex and so on), but nothing is helpfull. Sometimes IE would like download linksysmlviewer.cab, but i donīt, if he has do it. I would like to use the camera via Website (joomla). Thanks for...

Webcamxp and Linksys wvc54gc cam (no video)
Hi, I'm having trouble getting video from my linksys wvc54gc netcam with webcamxp 5.08. The message I keep getting is "read time out". I know the camera works because the video works with the linksys software plus I can view video with webcamxp from an attached webcam. Can anyone help with...

Cant get the WVC54G to connect wiresless to router
I have the older version of the wvc54g and can get it to work over the internet if it is hard wired to the router. once i upplug it from the router i cant access it. I have port forwading done as this was working wirless in the past. something was changed on the router settings or cam settings...

Remote Viewing: Internal Network set- now what?
You don't need a "static WAN" IP on each cam, just a static LAN IP. You can take a peek at some of our tutorials at MyHomeServer.com or I'd suggest you take a peek at the TZO FAQ at http://faq.tzo.com and they have some howto's on using multiple cams and doing the port forwarding Basic...

Linksys WVC54GC (v1.1) - free time lapse software?
Hi all, I'm looking for a very short term solution, so I'm looking for something that will do this for free :) I just want to create a time-lapse video (or even set of photos) of my garden for one day, so I can see what the sun is doing and how long each area gets sun, etc. I have a Linksys...

software for linksys wvc54gca ip camera
I have purchased the linksys wvc54gca ip camera for my home. This is my first ip camera. As i just purchased it, i can return it or i am wondering if there is some alternative software that will help the limitations of the software that comes with the camera. The problem is that if i set up the m...

Can't get my new Linksys IP Camera WVC54GCA working !
Hi, I recently bought a new Linksys/Cisco IP camera for home use. I have a linksys ADSL modem that I have connected to my WRT610N router at home. I followed all the instructions to setup my camera but i couldn't go beyond the step 2 in camera setup wizard. I have connected ethernet cable f...

Software that supports LinkSys WVC54GC (and Axis)?
I've been looking a while now for software that supports LinkSys WVC54GC, but the only one I can seem to find is Deskshare's Security Monitor Pro 3.22. But the problem I have with it is that LinkSys WVC54GC isn't shown in the camera list and I can't get it to work with the generic camera function....

Help installing Linksys WVC54gc internet camera
Hi. I am needing assistance with installing a Linksys WVC54GC camera. I have a Linksys BEFS41 Router and a Linksys WAP11 wireless access point that work great. When I plug the camera into the router, then attach the power cable, and run setup, the setup utility says it is unable to locate the came...

wvc54gca works in ethernet but not in wifi
hallo, I have just purchased a wvc54gca camera and try to install on my linksys wag200g home gateway on which several family pc are connected with pictures.... Final goal is to have three cameras showing our dogs connected to my router and allow the world to see them on the web without any risk of...

Viewing camera with hughes net wvc54gca
I have the Linksys WVC 54 GCA camera and a Dlink Di624 router. I have enabled port 1024 and the camera works fine until I try to view it online with the TZO account. with a different network Then I get unable to display page. When I try to access it with a network computer I get the hughesnet co...

Embed Linksys WVC54GCA camera to very small website
Hello, I went out a bought one of the Linksys WVC54GCA for a vacation home. We like to see how much snow is at the home. I am wondering if there is a way to embed the feed into a website instead of using the standard linksys website. I want to be able to point friends to a custom site instead ...

New Guy Needs Help With Linksys WVC54GCA Install
I have a Linksys WVC54GCA wireless cam and a DLINK DIR-655 router. I also have the free TZO domain that comes with the package. As in most cases, it works fine within my own home network. but I am unable to get the DDNS part running. The DLINK DDNS screen will not enable. I enter the correct TZO Key...

Capture and transmit Video from Linksys WVC54GC IP Camera
Hi everyone! I have a challenge which might be familiar to many of you. I have my Linksys WVC54GC IP network camera in one lab (with local IP address). And I need to develop an application, to transmit this video over the internet so that my client application in other networks can access this...

Linksys WVC54GC wireless problems!!!
I recently purchased a Compact Linksys Wireless-G internet video camera (WVC54GC) and i was able to set it up, and it works fine with an ethernet cable. but since my ethernet cable is only 30 feet long, it won't reach the place i would like to put the camera, so i'd like the camera to work wirelessl...

Help. Mac user with Linksys WVC54GC and EvoCam
I'm fairly familiar with networking as far as Macs are concerned. But despite hours of trial and error on setting up my network camera to work with EvoCam I've had no success. I guess the problem is that I really don't understand the principles involved. I would appreciate some help. I have ...

wifi problems linksys WVC54GC
Hello guys... I bought an IP camera of Linksys and it work well with the ethernet cable... Problem is that if i remove the cable (after installed all the settings of my network) it does not work... I tried to remove the protections, and i try to enter the camera through my pocket pc (that does no...

Linksys WVC54G - attaching a zoom lens?
Hi all, I am the happy owner of 3 webcams now, having just purchased another of the above camera which I love to bits. Thing is I want to have it zoomed in on the bird table at the bottom of the garden like you might have with a normal camera. It could take a video of every visitor and thought...

Set up my linksys wvc54g wirelessly on my home network .....
Set up my linksys wvc54g wirelessly on my home network easily enough but I cannot get it to work over the internet using the sololink ddns service. Can anyone suggest an alternative?...

HP Ipaq with wvc54g
Hi I have just installed a Linksys WVC54G. (Very easy to setup and use) Able to view on the web. But my problem is that I have a HP IPAQ runnig Pocket PC 2003 that I use at work and can access the web. To view my cam I need active x. does anybody knoe how to do this? thanks philip...

Linksys WVC54GC Video
Hello All, I have a Linksys WVC54GC, I have it set to record a 5sec video when motion is detected and send it to my Hotmail email account. The problem I'm having is that attachment I receive is a .asf file and when I try to download it, Hotmail opens it to like a text file or some type of html...

Linksys WVC54G Connection/Stability Issues
I have a WVC54G camera, it works alright. Has been working alright for the last year & half now. One issue that is always there however is when I am watching the camera via the internet, through Sololink Service, if the camera is active for too long, it stops responding. It only crashes when ...

dcs-950g or wvc54g ??
hello i'm trying for days (weeks) to make a d-link dcs-950g properly work even with the 1.06 software i failed as some problems are contradiction with the official spec of the product, d-link support send me a mail accepting i re-give it to the reseler this reseller also propose the linksys ...

Linksys WVC54G and Internet access
have spent several hours trying to make th Linksys remote viewing solution work. system works fine locally and have accessed it from several other systems on local network. setup the linksys account and activated the account etc. it says it has added the camera to the account but when attempt to lo...

problem with linksys wvc54gc wireless connection
Hi All, I just bought a wvc54gc ip camera and set up everything seems to have no problem...but if I am using wireless connection, it disconnected after a few hours. I have to unplug and plug back in the power in order to get the wireless connection back. Running wire connection is no problem. ...

Problem with Linksys wvc54gc...
Hi All, I just bought a new Linksys WVC54GC ip camera and I am using the WRT54G Linksys wireless router with it, but I have a problem. I config everything my camera and my router everything works fine and I am using dyndns.org for remote viewing the video....but it works for few hours only and t...

WVC54G Help!
I just bought a LinkSys WVC54G IP camera. My network is very basic. I have a Windows XP PC with a WRT54G router. I can connect to the camera fine with my PC and I can get a picture from the camera. How do I access the WVC54G from outside my network? I tried getting a friend to access the came...

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