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Logitech IP Network Cameras & Video Servers

961-000288 - Logitech Spy Video Security Master System
0 Reviews

A unique hidden-camera solution for home surveillance, the Logitech WiLife Spy Clock Camera Master System provides professional-level video security in an easy-to-use system. The system includes video management software and a clock radio that doubles a high-quality network camera. The streams high-

961-000287 - Logitech Outdoor Video Security Master System
0 Reviews

The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Camera Master System is a fully-featured surveillance system featuring a weatherproof network camera, and video management software for recording and remote viewing. The camera streams high-resolution color video via existing electrical wiring.

961-000286 - Logitech Indoor Video Security Master System
0 Reviews

A true plug-and-play video security solution, the Logitech WiLife Indoor Camera Master System includes an indoor digital surveillance camera, and video management software with remote viewing technology. The camera actually streams high-quality video via your existing electrical wires. Simply plug i

961-000291 - Logitech Spy Add-On Camera
0 Reviews

It looks like an ordinary digital alarm clock, but in fact it's a networked clock camera that streams high quality video for remote monitoring. The Logitech WiLife Spy Add-On Camera is both a network camera and a fully-functioning digital clock, perfect for home surveillance.

961-000290 - Logitech Outdoor Add-On Security Camera
0 Reviews

The Logitech WiLife Outdoor Add-On Camera extends the coverage of the Logitech Outdoor Surveillance System. The camera has a weatherproof design and streams high-quality VGA or QVGA color video over your existing electrical wiring for remote monitoring from any computer.

961-000289 - Logitech Indoor Add-On Security Camera
0 Reviews

The Logitech WiLife Indoor Add-On Camera extends the capabilities of your Logitech Indoor Surveillance System. The camera has a sleek, unobtrusive design and is perfect for home or small business surveillance. Encrypted video is transmitted over existing electrical wires straight to your PC.

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