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Lumenera's Le259 Megapixel Network Camera
Lumenera's Le259 Megapixel Network Camera
Part Number: Le259
This product is discontinued
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
Lumenera's Le259 series of megapixel network cameras are designed for higher end security applications, particularly in low-light conditions where high dynamic range is required. Streaming full 1920 x 1080 resolution at up to 15 frames/sec, these cameras deliver outstanding picture quality and performance. Canon-Mount provides remote control of focus and iris through standard SLR lenses. Adjustable JPEG and MJPEG compressed still-images or live streaming video, are provided across a standard 10/100BaseT network interface.

Technical Specifications
Length: 8.5
Width: 3.0
Height: 3.0
Weight: 600 grams
Dynamic DNS
Dynamic DNS:
EMI & Safety
Certifications: FCC Class B, CE Certified
Event Operations
Motion Detection:
FTP Snapshots:
Email Snapshots:
Schedule Snapshots:
Event Snapshots:
Auto Iris:
Changeable Lens:
Lens Type: Canon Bayonet -style Mount
Operating Environments
Temperature: -10 C to +50 C
Humidity: 5%-95%
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
POE Compatible with Adapter:
Built-in POE:
Ports and Connectors
IO Block:
Auto Iris Lens Connector:
Network Type: 10/100baseT Ethernet
Consumtion: <10 Watts
Input: 12VDC
Protocols: TCP/IP, HTTP, SMTP, FTP, Telnet, NTP, DNS, DHCP,
Access Restrictions:
Software Included
Installation Utilities:
Built-in WebServer:
Platform: All
CPU: 32-bit Microprocessor
RAM: 64
ROM: 8
System Requirements
Operating System: Windows 98, Windows 98 SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Linux,
Compatible Browsers: MS Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera, Konqueror,
Viewing Protocols: JAVA,
Megapixels: 2.0
Video Compression: JPEG
Max Video Resolution: 1920x1080
Light Sensitivity: 0.5 lux
Frames Per Second: 15 at full resolution
Image Sensor: 16:9, 2/3" format, CCD, color or mono
Progressive Scan:
Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES):
Automatic Gain Control (AGC):
Automatic White Balancing (AWB):

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