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Website: http://www.mobotix.ca
Phone Number: +1-877-MOBOTIX (+1-877-662-6849)
independis information systems inc.
Authorized Distributor for Canada
Halifax Nova Scotia


MOBOTIX ? the new face of IP video.

The MOBOTIX Concept with its integrated Linux system and integrated software provides winning advantages compared to analog video technology and conventional webcams.

With its high resolution of 1.3 million pixels and its true color imaging system, the MOBOTIX network cameras attain a resolution that is twelve times as high as on analog video systems that are commonly using CIF format. MOBOTIX also features three digital zoom levels and panning. MOBOTIX' patent pending MxPEG streaming format makes fast live videos with audio at extremely low network load (1 to 2 Mbps) a reality. Since the MOBOTIX cameras theirselves detect movements in the image, video is only transmitted if movements occur and the video and audio data need to be stored. MOBOTIX cameras have an integrated long-term storage system for Linux and Windows computers. Every camera manages its own storage space as a ring buffer on the assigned share. Thanks to the decentralized approach, 30 live cameras can store images on a regular Pentium 4-class computer with 25 frames per second each, including audio. The MOBOTIX Day/Night models with two image sensors (color and monochrome) deliver brilliant color images during the day and crisp monochrome images at night. Depending on the illumination, the cameras switch lenses automatically.
MOBOTIX network cameras are certified according to IP 65 and are designed for outdoor as well as indoor usage.

No software installation required; everything works right out-of-the-box!

MOBOTIX Cameras Enter the Era of Voice-Over-IP

With the new software version 2.2, the MOBOTIX cameras are the first network cameras in the world to enter the era of internet telephony (Voice over IP). The software enables MOBOTIX cameras to issue alarm warnings to a telephone via the DSL Internet connection. At the same time, it is possible to call the cameras from any phone using IP telephony. Until now, these functions were only available via ISDN connections. All the MOBOTIX megapixel camera models currently available on the market can be updated with Voice-over-IP technology.

MOBOTIX IP Network Cameras & Video Servers

Q22 - Mobotix Q22M Hemispheric 360-Degree Network Camera
0 Reviews

The innovative Mobotix Q22 is a hemispheric network camera that provides a full 360-degree field of view for wide-area monitoring. The camera has a sleek, ultra-compact design. Using quad view, the Q22 delivers a complete panoramic view, showing video footage from four different angles simultaneousl

D12 - Mobotix D12Di Multi-Lens Network Dome Camera
0 Reviews

The Mobotix D12 is a highly specialized network dome camera featuring two separate lenses with two high-resolution image sensors. It can simultaneously record an entire room and select details. The camera supports two-way audio, and provides digital pan/tilt/zoom with no moving parts.

V12 - Mobotix V12 Vandal-Proof Megapixel Network Camera
0 Reviews

Built to handle the most extreme surveillance locations, the Mobotix V12 features a vandal-proof stainless steel housing that's so strong it can actually withstand gunfire. The camera features dual high-resolution image sensors, and provides digital PTZ.
Buy Mobotix V12 Vandal-Proof Megap

D22 - Mobotix D22M Weatherproof Fixed Dome Network Camera
0 Reviews

With a robust IP65-rated weatherproof casing, the Mobotix D22 FixDome network camera is designed for both indoor and outdoor surveillance applications. It provides digital PTZ control with no moving parts, and supports a variety of exchangeable lenses from tele to wide-angle.

M12 - Mobotix M12D Dual-Lens High-Resolution Network Camera
0 Reviews

The Mobotix M12 is an innovative day/night network camera that features two separate high-resolution image sensors. One sensor offers brilliant color for daytime surveillance. The other captures clear black and white video for nighttime monitoring.
Buy Mobotix M12D Network Camera Se

M22 - Mobotix M22M All-Weather Digital PTZ Network Camera
0 Reviews

Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Mobotix M22 is a high-resolution network camera with a robust weatherproof design. The camera delivers digital pan, tilt, zoom for wide area monitoring, and includes an integrated DVR.

M10M-Basic - Mobotix M10M-Basic
0 Reviews


MX-M10D-Sec-D43N43 - Mobotix MX-M10D-Sec-D43N43
0 Reviews


M10M-Web - Mobotix M10M-Web
0 Reviews


M10Di-Night - Mobotix M10Di-Night
0 Reviews


M10Di-Secure - Mobotix M10Di-Secure
0 Reviews


M10D-Secure - Mobotix M10D-Secure
0 Reviews


M10M-Secure - Mobotix M10M-Secure
0 Reviews


M10D-Night - Mobotix M10D-Night
0 Reviews


M10Mi-Secure - Mobotix M10Mi-Secure
0 Reviews


MX-D10Di-DualFixDome - MX-D10Di-DualFixDome
0 Reviews

Fixdome camera with two individually adjustable lenses. The elegant design is ideal for the discreet surveillance of buildings and entrance areas. VoIP capable (SIP)

MX-M10Di-Secure-Night - MX-M10Di-Secure-Night
0 Reviews

Indoor version of the M10D-Night with two wide-angle lenses. The camera is also equipped with a photo tripod connection.

MX-M10D-Secure-Night - MX-M10D-Secure-Night
0 Reviews

Weatherproof security network camera with megapixel resolution and two wide-angle lenses with color and black-and-white sensors for use around the clock. Depending on the lighting conditions, the camera automatically switches between the sensors.

MX-M10D-IT-D43-D135 - MX-M10D-IT-D43-D135
0 Reviews

Weatherproof network camera for industrial applications and smaller surveillance tasks. The camera is equipped with two lenses and delivers telephoto and wide-angle images simultaneously.

MX-M10M-Web - MX-M10M-Web
0 Reviews

Professional web cam with megapixel image resolution. A logo generator makes it possible to fade different advertising banners into the camera image. No software installation necessary, camera is working with any web browser.

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