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Website: http://www.neu-fusion.com/
Phone Number:

About Neu-Fusion

Neu-Fusion designs, manufactures, out-sources and distributes a full range of high quality, high performance, high reliability, easy installation, simple operation , standalone but connected by wire and or wireless, indoor and outdoor, general and professional, simple and complicate video surveillance networking systems for years.

Neu-Fusion has factories and R&D engineering teams in Taiwan and China. Neu-Fusion offers optimized services with the expertise of authorized regional distributors worldwide.

Neu-Fusion brings the true meaning to Vision, Security and Convenience.

The mission of NeuFusion is to be at the threshold of innovation and commitment to quality.

N euFusion has the vision to be the number one provider of video communication and networking solutions. This will be accomplished by providing cutting edge technology utilizing the Internet, LAN , WLAN and WAN as a vehicle to bring people closer both at work or play via live video contacts.

When live images become a must, NeuFusion can put you in the right track.

NeuFusion core competencies lie in over fifteen years of experiences and a passion for high performance video communication with a dedicated team sharing the same vision.

The team is built among an elite group of devoted engineers specializing in R&D to bring the latest products for our strategic partners. The company follows a stringent guideline on quality assurance to ensure the best of quality, compatibility, and interoperability with all the systems.

For customer support, NeuFusion has a policy of ?Taking It Personally? to ensure services before and after sales are complete for a long-term partnership

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