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PiXORD Corporation

About PiXORD Corporation

PIXORD is a global manufacturer of specialized Internet Video Server.Founded in 2000, the company has announcedhis first product,PIXORD 4000 Internet Camera Server, in Jan. 2001. PIXORD's headquarter is located in Taoyuan, Taiwan.

PIXORD delivers complete Video over IP solutions for the Small Office/ Home Office (SOHO), and enterprise environments. The Company offers a full line of Video Server, and Internet Camera, such as 4-port Video sever, 1-port Video Server, and Standalone Internet Camera.

Innovation and a commitment to quality have allowed PIXORD to produce cutting-edge, high-performance products. The Company continues to offer the best value in the Internet market today by combining high quality products with the most competitive price.

PIXORD's mission is to provide our partners' products with innovative technology, state-of-art quality and satisfaction pleasant, dynamic and productive working environment with high technology facilities for all its employees and devote all its efforts to making life and communication better, simpler, and faster, while maintaining a competitive price. PIXORD is dedicated to maintain its role as a proven leader in manufacturing for the Video/Audio over IP products.

As the PC networking industry matures and the demand for remote surveillance market increases, the Video over IP field promises great potential for sales and development. PIXORD stands on the threshold of opportunity, backed by dedicated employees and a global distribution network all over the world. An increasing number of value-added resellers (VARs), corporate resellers and retailers have already turned to PIXORD as their source for Video Over IP products. PIXORD will continue to seek out qualified distributionoutlets with the intention of further expanding our market share.

PiXORD Corporation IP Network Cameras & Video Servers

PL621/PL621E - PL621 / PL621E H.264 (High Profile) 2 Megapixel Day/Night IR Bullet Network Camera
0 Reviews

PiXORD PL621, a professional two megapixel 15M IR network bullet camera, with H.264 high profile compression technology and high resolution video, video performance and quality can be enhanced to higher level. Combined with valued features such as true Day/Night feature, intelligent event management

P606/P606W - P606 / P606W H.264 (High Profile) 2 Megapixel Network Camera
0 Reviews

Compact ID and functional design PiXORD P606 is a compact and high resolution (1600x 1200 pixels) Network Camera featured with superior H.264-AVC performance and multiple functions. The camera offers wired connection to the network (P606 model) and optional wireless IEEE 802.11g (P606W model) for f

P600/P600E - P600 / P600E H.264 (High Profile) 2 Megapixel Day/Night Network Camera
0 Reviews

PiXORD P600, a high resolution (1600x 1200 pixels) and Day/Night Network Camera, delivers superior H.264-AVC performance, state of the art design and function. The P600 is specifically adapted for maximum performance indoor applications, such as commercial, banking, government buildings, schools, un

PiXORD PB630 - PB630/PB630W H.264 Fish-Eye Network Cube Camera
0 Reviews

PiXORD PB630 is a Fish-Eye Network Camera featured with superior H.264-High Profile performance and rich functions. PB630 includes a Fish-Eye lens for 180° wide angle view (wall mount) or 360° panoramic view (ceiling mount) without blind spot, which is extremely suitable to view a wide area such a
P-416/ P-416W

P-416/ P-416W - PiXORD P-416(W) 12X Optical PTZ Network Camera (Wireless)
0 Reviews

P-416 is designed to have remote PTZ control function, scanning device to pan/tilt (270X / 120X), providing the excellent experience for viewing more angles and closer distances. It also features with 12X Optical Zoom, IR Cut Filter function, Auto Focus, and Two-way Audio. In addition, as a dual s

P-415M - PiXORD P-415M Megapixel Network Dome Camera
0 Reviews

P-415M, a MegaPixel dome camera with SXGA resolution is a professional MPEG-4/MJPEG dual streaming surveillance product. It features with high resolution SXGA enabled to capture the clear and best image quality. Dual streaming allows seamless remote video monitoring using MPEG-4 concurrently with
P-400 / P-400W/ P-400PoE

P-400 / P-400W/ P-400PoE - PiXORD P-400 MPEG-4 Network Camera
0 Reviews

IP camera PiXORD P-400 is fixed indoor camera designed for sending video/audio stream via computer network. The main applications include professional monitoring systems based on IP technology - in businesses, offices, stores, shopping molls, factories, banks, government buildings, developments, hou

P-428 - PiXORD-428 MPEG-4 100M IR Network Camera
0 Reviews

The IR Network Camera is a day/night functionality and Internet-based digital video surveillance device. With built-in Web server, live video can be distributed over Intranet or Internet through the Ethernet connection. It e quips infrared illuminator to provide good image quality, even in darkness.

P-463T - Pixord-463T Day & Night Intelligent IP Speed Dome Camera
0 Reviews

P-463, equipped with the powerful 25X optical zoom lens, can zoom in on small and distant objects, allowing them to be clearly identified from a long distance, when enlarged but also get sharp images. Moreover,its implementing an intelligent tracking system can follow the moving objects as target.

PiXORD-241 - Pixord 241 Network Camera
0 Reviews


PiXORD-300 - PiXORD 300 Network Camera
0 Reviews


P-423 - PiXORD-423( PoE) MPEG-4 30m IR Network Camera
0 Reviews

The IR Network Camera is a day/night functionality and Internet-based digital video surveillance device. With built-in Web server, live video can be distributed over Intranet or Internet through the Ethernet connection. It e quips infrared illuminator to provide good image quality, even in darkness.

PiXORD-207 - Pixord 207 Network Camera
0 Reviews


PiXORD-201 - Pixord 201 Network Camera
0 Reviews


PiXORD-120 - Pixord 120 Network Camera
0 Reviews


PiXORD-205 - Pixord 205 Network Camera
0 Reviews


PiXORD-200N - Pixord 200N Network Camera
0 Reviews


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