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X10 Sentinel PTZ
X10 Sentinel PTZ
Part Number: VK79A
Reviews: 0
Average Review: N/A
X10's new Sentinel video security and surveillance system brings together the best in video surveillance capability, versatility, and value. It's the ideal solution for small to medium sized business owners and individuals who demand professional-grade products with advanced features at a blow-the-competition-away price.

We built the Sentinel from the ground up to include powerful features like an incredible 44X Zoom so you could clearly see everything near or far. Then, we gave it unmatched Pan and Tilt viewing range that you control by remote so you'll have eyes where you need them most.

To ensure every image you saw had the most brilliant clarity and fine detail, gave Sentinel a high-resolution color CCD sensor and the highest-quality optics. We also gave it an Automatic Iris that adjusts to changes in light so you can see in the widest range of lighting conditions - all the way down to 0.02 Lux in our Starlight Mode.

Whether you’re in the next room or on the other side of the world, as long as you have an internet connection, you can monitor and control your X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera’s functions. By connecting to X10 servers, you’re able to view what your cameras are seeing and use all of the camera functions available to you. If you’re managing an off-site facility or want to peek in on your house during vacation, you can use any 9 possible stored camera positions or pan, tilt, and zoom. Some packages even include software that allows you to control all of your X10 automated lights, appliances and modules via your internet connection for complete business and household control.

Technical Specifications
Length: 10.5
Width: 8.5
Height: 6.5
Event Operations
Motion Detection:
Email Snapshots:
Schedule Snapshots:
Event Snapshots:
Auto Iris:
Lens Type: 22x Optical Zoom , F1.6 - 3.7, F=3.7 - 85.1mm
Horizontal Field of View: 50
Vertical Field of View: 30
Operating Environments
Temperature: -14°F to 122°F
Humidity: Within 85% RH
Indoor or Outdoor: Indoor and Outdoor
Pan Range: 280°
Tilt Range: 30°
Auto Panning:
Auto Patrol:
Ports and Connectors
Analog Output:
Consumtion: 3.6W
Input: DC12V +/- 1V
Access Restrictions:
Software Included
Recording Software:
Installation Utilities:
Max Video Resolution: NTSC 480 TVL
Light Sensitivity: 0.02 Lux in Starlight Mode
Image Sensor: CCD
Automatic Electronic Shutter (AES):
Automatic Gain Control (AGC):
Automatic White Balancing (AWB):
Flip Image:
Mirror Image:
Wireless Range: 100 Ft.
Optical Zoom:
Digital Zoom:
Optical Zoom Range: 22X
Digital Zoom Range: 2X

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