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Website: http://www.x10sentinel.com
Phone Number: 800-442-5109
X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.

About X10 Wireless Technology, Inc.

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. is proud to bring you the IP network security camera you’ve been waiting for! We put our great design team to the task of designing the ideal camera for all our customers’ security needs, and at the very best value for your money. With the X10 Sentinel PTZ Security Camera, that camera is here!

A trusted name in the security and home automation business for over 30 years, the X10 team is constantly working to bring you the latest innovations in these fields. You demanded the best in modern technology to protect your home or business at the most affordable prices, with no hidden extra costs, and that’s what we bring you. With our professional-grade security cameras, you have the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom your camera so you can see into nearly every corner. Our cameras come complete with all the so called “extra” features other companies will charge you even more money for - like a weather-resistant dome with our X10 Sentinel PTZ Camera, so you can mount your camera anywhere inside or out, and a convenient remote control so you can operate your camera from up to 100 feet away. We saw what our competitors were offering and did them one better by offer the same features or better at no additional cost to you.

With the X10 Sentinel, you’ll have the dependability you’ve come to expect from X10 combined with the features of a professional-grade camera, so you get the security you need from the name you trust.

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. designs, engineers, markets and sells easy-to-use, affordable products to make everyday life safer, more convenient and more fun. For the last 30 years we’ve been constantly working to create and refine the latest technologies in home security and automation, and always at the lowest prices. We’re pleased to be your #1 source for dependable products at low prices. The company has developed and sold millions of units, not only under the X10 brand name but also as an OEM for major consumer electronic companies such as IBM, Phillips, Magnavox and Radio Shack. You can trust X10 to bring you all the technology you need – we even guarantee it!

X10 Wireless Technology, Inc. IP Network Cameras & Video Servers

VK77A - The X10 Vanguard PTZ
0 Reviews

The Vanguard Professional Camera System (VK77A) has a powerful 44X Zoom that gives you professional-quality surveillance, up to a half-mile away! Now, instead of seeing only what's in front of you, you can see 20, 40, 80 feet away and more with even greater detail and clarity than if you were standi

VK79A - X10 Sentinel PTZ
0 Reviews

X10's new Sentinel video security and surveillance system brings together the best in video surveillance capability, versatility, and value. It's the ideal solution for small to medium sized business owners and individuals who demand professional-grade products with advanced features at a blow-the-c

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