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The next-generation Milestone for IP video software is born: XProtect Corporate - complexity made simple.

COPENHAGEN, 28 March 2007 – Milestone Systems, the world-leading developer of open platform IP video software, is launching its next-generation product called XProtect Corporate. It is a premium IP video surveillance solution with state-of-the-art technology, centralized management, ideally suited for large installations. System operation is raised to new heights of flexibility and ease-of-use for unlimited numbers of users, cameras, servers, and sites.

Unparalleled scalability
Milestone XProtect Corporate is designed for large, multi-site and multiple server installations requiring 24/7 surveillance. It offers easy centralized management of unlimited numbers of devices, servers and users, and empowers an extremely flexible rule system driven by schedules and events. Distributed server architecture allows unlimited recording and archiving of video. Full-fledged client access provides live view, playback and video evidence export with smart search and analysis - all operated through standard computers with a user-friendly intuitive interface.

Like all Milestone software offerings, XProtect Corporate is independent in its support for a wide choice of network cameras and encoders from different leading manufacturers. The open platform also includes Application Program Interfaces (APIs) for integration with third-party systems.

Years of expertise in the development
With more than 50% of its employees working in Research & Development, Milestone Systems has established itself as a global leader for open platform IP video management software. A select team of Milestone engineers have developed XProtect Corporate based on .Net technology, with premium features that have optimal application in large implementations requiring centralized management and remote operation. It takes ease of use in IP video management to new levels.

“XProtect Corporate will be a very welcome IP video surveillance solution for Microsoft professionals who are used to working with the advantages of network infrastructure and IT systems,” says Kim Macallan, Head of Product Management at Milestone Systems headquarters. “We’ve had a great team of innovative systems engineers developing this product, drawing on our years of expertise in open platform IP video management software, fed by market input from our global channel of partners with more than 25,000 customer installations.”

Complexity made simple: unmatched ease of administration
Administration of large sites can be quite complicated and time consuming for security system operators with many cameras, users, servers or locations to set up, schedule, monitor and maintain. XProtect Corporate takes these tasks to vastly improved levels of ease and efficiency, saving valuable time and creating optimal performance.

For example, XProtect Corporate has a Hardware Detection Wizard that scans the network to discover IP cameras and video encoders from the leading vendors, searching by IP range with automatic model identification. This makes large system setups or moves very fast, and new camera additions a simple matter.

XProtect Corporate has an innovative and flexible Rules Systems that works across all servers and all cameras or by customized groups, for instance, to record images based on motion detection. Camera settings can be changed or made to perform dynamically across groups, too. For example, cameras can record at a certain time or on specific days – individually or by groups.

Milestone Systems will demonstrate XProtect Corporate at the ISC West and IFSEC trade shows in March and May, with the product available on the market through channel partners in April.

For more information, please contact:
Courtney Dillon Pedersen, Communications Manager, Tel: +44 88 300 330.

About Milestone
Milestone is the world market leader for open platform IP video management software. The XProtect™ products are easy to use, robust and proven in operation, supporting the widest choice in network hardware and integration with other systems for best-of-breed solutions that video enable your business, reduce cost, optimize processes, protect assets and ultimately increase value in your company’s products and services. Milestone solutions are sold through authorized partners in 62 countries.

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