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ACTi and NUUO solution for Dallas Sheraton Hotel

The Sheraton Dallas Hotel has recently completed a major renovation of its facilities. Located in the heart of downtown, the Sheraton is one of the largest hotels in Dallas. Finding a cost effective and reliable surveillance solution was a major requirement for their security upgrade. Considering the hotel consists of 1,842 guest rooms and 12 convention halls with over 230,000 square feet, an IP surveillance solution was the most logical choice. ACTi was chosen as the preferred vendor for a few reasons. First, ACTi was the most cost effective solution while still maintaining technological specifications. Next, ACTi was able to fulfill the equipment requirements in a constrained timeframe. Lastly, ACTi\'s full line of hardware solutions was compatible with NUUO, an IP Surveillance software provider that was chosen by the hotel to be the head end monitoring solution.

With a mix of IP and analog cameras, the whole system consists of 96 total channels of video. 48 channels of analog video were converted into IP video by using the ACD-2400. 3 of these 16 channel rack mounted video servers were used to convert the hotel\'s existing analog cameras into IP video. The ACD-2400 is capable of transmitting 16 independent video streams in a space saving configuration. Each channel of video has its own frame rate, bit rate, resolution and compression settings. The ACD-2400 was the most cost effective solution by utilizing their current analog camera infrastructure. However, other parts of the hotel¡¦s surveillance requirements called for a complete overhaul of their current analog solution to a high definition IP video solution.

Completing the Sheraton¡¦s surveillance upgrade, 1.3 Megapixel IP cameras were used to capture higher definition video throughout the massive complex. For indoor cameras, 36 ACTi ACM-3411 was chosen for its 1.3 Megapixel resolution and low light capability. This 3¨ dome is capable of giving security personnel high definition video in low light conditions with the use of the mechanical IR cut filter. Additionally, the MPEG4 video compression allows for high definition video to be transmitted through the network with minimal bandwidth consumption.

For monitoring the outside perimeter of the complex, 12 ACM-7411 were used. The ACM-7411 is also a 1.3 Megapixel IP camera, capable of producing stunning images at SXGA resolution (1280x1024 pixels). Additionally, its IP66 rated vandal proof housing made it the perfect solution for outdoor applications. The ACM-7411 also contains a mechanical IR cut filter, producing clear images in low light environments , while its integrated 3.3-12mm veri-focal lens allowed for a flexible installation while still maintaining maximum coverage of the monitored areas.

Finally, sitting in the center of the IP surveillance system is NUUOs IP video management NVR. Housing the PC based NVR software, 3 servers running duel core processors provide security personnel with the flexibility they never had with their previous analog solution. In addition to video management, NUUOs NVR software is integrated with 40 door sensors throughout the complex. Whether monitoring live video for suspicious activities or searching through archived video for alarms on tripped door sensors, NUUOs IP video management provides a cost effective video management and access control solution.

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