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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies


Website: http://www.controlbynet.com

About ControlByNet
As the first company to offer a completely 100% web-based software system, ControlByNet offers a digital surveillance system utilizing exciting technology and motion capture methods to provide an exceptional IP-based security system open to meet any needs.

What we are:
ControlByNet offers software for complete surveillance systems. Our motion-detection system is designed to be flexible, allowing the user to control based on needs. We primarily use Axis cameras, as Axis is a market-leader in IP-based network cameras. Just because a camera is an "IP" camera, does not mean it meets our requirements for quality and reliability.

The ControlByNet system is entirely web-based, and user control is performed from any standard web browser. Our system runs on any compatible Windows-based PC or Server. Costs are minimal as there is no need for an expensive server or DVR.

What we are not:
The CBN system is not a "VCR gone digital". Unlike many others, we didn't want to duplicate the VCR look and feel within the ControlByNet system. We don't draw maps and play fancy sounds. We don't claim to support every camera under the sun...because every camera does not meet out standards. We do not support CCTV, only digital cameras. We just do digital video surveillance, no other solution meets the standards.

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