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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies


Website: http://www.d3data.com
Software Demo Website: http://www.d3data.com

About D3Data
D3Data LLC builds and supplies one of the world's leading security video management software platforms. NETVM is a complete video surveillance system built as a browser based answer to the market's demand for new enterprise level platforms that live on our client's existing network. The NETVM system is the same type of technology, with the same look and feel, as current software running and controlling networks in millions of companies worldwide. NETVM is capable of controlling thousands of individual cameras, servers, and IP DVRs from one GUI interface. NETVM supports the JPEG, MJPEG, MPEG2, and MPEG4 codecs as well as compressing to Windows Media 9 and Flash for ease of storage and retrieval. The system was developed entirely as an open platform in a Windows OS environment.

NETVM in truly part of your network, not hanging on or worked into your network.

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