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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies

Enjoin, LLC
Enjoin, LLC

Website: http://www.eyecopia.com
Software Demo Website: http://www.eyecopia.com/Download.php

About Enjoin, LLC
At Enjoin, we are developing innovative solutions that cut to the heart of digital multimedia content management, making it effortless for users to retrieve, manage, and share their digital media content in a secure environment.

Enjoin, LLC IP Camera Software

Name: Eyecopia
Cost: $50.00 USD
Demo Link: http://www.eyecopia.com/Download.php

Description: Eyecopia is a feature-rich software application that works with off-the-shelf web cameras and camcorders to provide a monitoring solution with video and audio recording capabilities. The application utilizes powerful motion detection technology to automatically record video events as they occur.
Eyecopia is perfect for protecting your home, securing businesses, watching over your family, or even keeping an eye on pets. Eyecopia excels at allowing you to interact and manage recorded video events at your own convenience, in very simple and efficient ways. Eyecopia includes flexible options for reviewing, sorting and archiving these events. Eyecopia also provides several methods to help you share videos easily and securely.

Requirements: Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, and Windows XP
Software Requirements:
Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 and Windows Media Format 9 Series Runtime (both provided automatically if not already installed)
Hardware Requirements:
Intel Pentium III or AMD K6, 500 MHz processor or higher
256 MB System memory
2.5 MB disk space for application
40 MB free disk space or more recommended for event recording

Features: - Eyecopia can monitor multiple cameras simultaneously.
- Eyecopia will send video event notifications according to users\' preferences and schedules.
- Notifications can be sent through email messages with photo or video attachments, text messages to SMS-capable devices, such as cell phones and pagers, and secure network connection to Eyecopia Remote, a freeware program from Enjoin that operates on remot
- Eyecopia Remote allows users to receive notifications and watch secure live views of any camera that is connected to an Eyecopia monitoring system, as long as the owner of the main Eyecopia system has authorized you to do so.
- Eyecopia\'s unique category tags and the ability to add sticky notes to individual video events personalizes the management system.
- Innovative features, like Eyecopia\'s Archive Browser and the ability to quickly send video emails from within the program, help you share your experience with others.

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