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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies

Initsys Ltd
Initsys Ltd

Website: http://www.initsys.co.uk
Software Demo Website: http://www.initsys.co.uk

About Initsys Ltd
Initsys Ltd technology allows Security companies to overcome the problems of speed, bandwidth and quality on IP networks.

Initsys provides a total solution for companies wishing to take advantage of IP for CCTV, access control and alarm transmission; products are available for installers, integrators and commercial alarm receiving centres. Initsys calls its technology AAVID ? Alarms, Access and Video.

Initsys is partnering with industry names such as Panasonic, IQinvision, Axis amongst the camera manufacturers and Sun Microsystems and Cisco from the server and networking worlds.

Initsys routers enable IP cameras to send high quality frames into a network where they are compressed and sent onto the control room (ARC), at the ARC they can be used for general surveillance purposes. The original higher quality camera images remain in the router where they can be recalled and examined in more detail if needed.

At the control room Initsys routers and plug in software enables alarm receiving centers to rapidly deploy images into standard ARC software.

Solving the speed and quality conundrum.

Initsys routers are also popular with managers of networks because they ensure that the network bandwidth is retained for other services.

VerifiedAlarms is a camera independent network using the same AAVID technology described above but operated on behalf of client ARC and the ISP solving the same problems of speed and quality on upload constricted broadband connections. VerifiedAlarms is a subscription based service with its own link to all major ISP in 14 countries.

Initsys is looking for worldwide partners for the VerifiedAlarms concept.

Initsys routers form the backbone of many security networks, enabling high quality cameras to work at their best quality, whilst maintaining high transmission speeds for operators in control rooms.

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