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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies


Website: http://www.lensec.com

About LenSec
LenSec’s Enterprise-Wide Video Surveillance solution combines customized features, open-architecture flexibility, and thin-client, browser-based ease-of-use.

LenSec's solution allows any authorized user to access any camera at any facility from any computer over the LAN/WAN using only a standard internet browser. A single enterprise logon provides access to the live view of any camera within two mouse clicks and camera locations are easily identified on a customizable graphical floor plan of the facility. LenSec's solution is able to integrate with most other enterprise security and facilities systems.

Ease of Use

Access Every Camera
View Real-Time and Archived images from any camera at any facility using any computer with a standard web browser.

Rapid Navigation
Intuitive access to camera views based on the facility floor plan.

Two Mouse Clicks
Access every camera at any facility within two mouse clicks from a single IP address and single logon.

Enterprise-Wide Management

Law Enforcement Collaboration
Unprecedented communication with Emergency & 3rd Party Agencies during incidents

Real-Time Management and Integration
Interface with other enterprise security and facilities systems (RFID, access control, intrusion detection, building management, etc.)

Scalable, Adaptable & Self-Supporting
Enterprise-Wide Platform that keeps pace w/ the changing needs of the enterprise and places no load on their staff or resources.

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