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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies

Network Webcams RemoteManager and Streamdays Software
Network Webcams RemoteManager and Streamdays Software

Website: http://www.networkwebcams.co.uk
Software Demo Website: http://www.networkwebcams.co.uk/livedemo...

About Network Webcams RemoteManager and Streamdays Software
Network Webcams Ltd is all about IP network cameras. We sell them, we use them, and we help you to use them too. We know where network cameras fit into any forward looking business strategy. Our skills and experience allow us to best suit the camera needs of any marketplace, but are most suited to the security, construction and tourism markets. We use our wealth of experience by offering our customers services and solutions that allow them to take maximum benefit of the many advantages the network video world has to offer.

Within our range of products and services we offer our own RemoteManager and Streamdays Webcam Hosting applications as well as tailored network camera systems, hardware installation services and live event broadcasting solutions. RemoteManager is a turnkey solution for construction webcams incorporating high definition megapixel cameras and a bulletproof managed service, while Streamdays takes the core camera and viewer technology from RemoteManager and makes it available to the tourism and leisure sector as a packaged solution for business websites. An interactive streaming webcam on a business website, with the support of http://www.streamdays.com, is a proven and cost effective way to increase visitors, traffic and turnover.

We also operate http://www.networkwebcams.com, an online store dedicated to network cameras and related accessories. Networkwebcams.com is for people familiar with the technologies who want to buy IP camera equipment without hassle, and at low cost. We provide free technical support and a 14-day buy and try program along with free delivery.

It is our goal to offer a solution for the majority of applications and budgets. However, while pursuing this aim, we will not compromise on system reliability and our high quality standards. For this reason, we only work with the best products and suppliers. Currently, Network Webcams Limited is an authorized reseller for:

* Panasonic
* Sony
* Axis Communications
* IQInvision
* BT
* and leading UK broadband provider ZEN Internet

Network Webcams Ltd. is also an approved Axis Development and Solution Partner .

Network Webcams Limited operates from two locations and provides services throughout the UK and beyond.

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