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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ONSSI)
On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ONSSI)

Website: http://www.onssi.com
Software Demo Website: http://onssi.com/products/demos.php

About On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ONSSI)
On-Net Surveillance Systems Inc (OnSSI), based in Suffern, NY, is a market leader in non-proprietary, open architecture IP-Based Video Surveillance. OnSSI’s systems deliver feature-rich camera management, sophisticated recording and archiving, automatic Push Live Video on event from any camera to any monitor, and a complete control-room video-wall management solution. From citywide deployments to schools and small businesses, OnSSI’s products are highly scalable and are easily integrated with Access Control and any other third party software.

On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc. (ONSSI) IP Camera Software

Name: NetDVMS Large-Scale IP Video Surveillance Management System
Demo Link:

Description: NetDVMS is OnSSI’s market-leading Enterprise Level Network Video Recorder (NVR) and Camera Management software suite, capable of managing an unlimited number of cameras and clients in city-wide and multiple site deployments. It offers powerful recording/archiving and event management features, as well as a gateway to web access, client users, virtual matrix switches and NetPDA operators.


Features: - Multi-Site/Multi-Server solution
- Supports MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.263 & Wavelet
- Automatic Motion Smart Search within recorded images
- Free unlimited NetGuard & NetGuard-EVS clients
- Dual Operation Client/Server or workstation modes
- Multi-channel audio recording

Name: NetDVR NVR Software for Medium-Scale Surveillance Deployments
Demo Link:

Description: NetDVR is a cost-effective IP-Surveillance recording and management software suite for medium-scale deployments. It offers the most robust recording engine in its class, as well as synchronous multiple camera playback, video analytics and flexible video export tools. Available in single-server or expandable multi-server (site) packages.


Features: - Supports up to 64 cameras per server
- Supports MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.263 & Wavelet
- Free unlimited NetGuard licenses
- Map-driven navigation & camera selection
- Advanced Motion Detection algorithm
- Alarm I/O and access control integration

Name: NetGuard & NetGuard-EVS Advanced Video Display Clients for NetDVMS & NetDVR
Demo Link:

Description: OnSSI’s feature-rich NVR display clients enable managing multiple video streams through easily configurable view sets of cameras, with time synchronized playback control, navigation maps for quick access to cameras, database management with events preview, and much more.

NetGuard-EVS, OnSSI’s next-generation .NET-based client brings a new level of integration with external systems and video servers.

NetGuard & NetGuard-EVS are available free for unlimited users with NetDVMS (both clients) and NetDVR (NetGuard only)



Name: NetSwitcher Large-Scale Virtual Matrix Switch & Video Wall Management Software
Demo Link:

Description: NetSwitcher is a virtual matrix switch display software for large-scale surveillance systems. It provides an unlimited number of inputs, outputs and control panels, as well as automated event-driven pop-ups and investigation tools. NetSwitcher was designed from the ground up for control via graphical keypads and dynamic map touch-screen interfaces that enable immediate drill-down and access to any camera and routing any view to any video wall display monitor or PC screen, on or off premises.


Features: - Unlimited scalability and virtual matrix size
- Supports MPEG-4, MJPEG, H.263 & Wavelet
- Touch-screen control, with one-touch camera display
- Intutitive map-driven touch-screen interface
- Powerful event detection capabilities
- Up to 4x4 display per display monitor

Name: NetMatrix Intelligent Viewing and Event-Driven Push Video Add-On
Demo Link:

Description: NetMatrix adds Intelligent Viewing and Event-Driven Push Video features to OnSSI’s NVRs. It allows users to efficiently monitor large numbers of cameras by displaying relevant motion, events and views. The event-driven Push Video feature sends pop-ups of camera views to any number of users’ PC monitors, transforming the surveillance system into a true, intelligent monitoring and alert system.


Features: - User-configurable of on-event view-sets
- Eliminates the need for multiple-port video matrixes
- Sophisticated event detection based on motion analysis, contact closure & 3rd party command via API
- Easy integration with Access Control systems
- Turn your desktop into an intelligent alarm monitor station

Name: NetPDA The Perfect Video Portability Solution
Demo Link:

Description: OnSSI’s revolutionary full-featured PDA Client provides access to live video, PTZ & preset views controls, and access to video playback with time/date seek. Unbound to the control room or even to a PC, users can investigate incidents on the fly, and control functions such as magnetic locks triggered by the camera’s contact closure output port.


Features: - Username & password protected
- Compatible with single or multi server systems
- Control camera contact closure port
- Compatible with most MS Windows-CE PDA’s
- Bidirectional playback with frame by frame & speed control
- Multi-parameter archive search

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