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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies


Website: http://www.videogenix.com
Software Demo Website: http://www.videogenix.com

About VideogeniX
VideogeniX is leading the way into the future with flexible alternatives for traditional video

Whether you have an application that is economically unfeasible for traditional CCTV, you require a portable system or you simply
need basic video security at your business, our proven, innovative solutions are affordable, easy to set up and easy to use.

With over 18 individual patents pending and 90 different patent claims for network and wireless video, our complete network, wireless network and point to point video security systems incorporate the most advanced
technologies for homeland security, law enforcement, business, industry and residential

VideogeniX has the vision to bring new features and solutions for remote digital video that will meet your needs. It's a vision that enables you to see what you need to see, wherever and whenever you need to see it.

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