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IP Network Camera Surveillance Software Companies


Website: http://www.wilife.com

About WiLife
WiLife Command Center software is included with every starter kit package. This software is easy to use, yet high-powered. Command Center is a Windows application for watching live action, searching the recorded video archive, and setting options. Everything is just a click away.

  • - Manage and control up to six cameras
  • - Save disk space with smart video management
  • - Create email and cell phone alerts
  • - Link to your remote viewing account
  • - Access online software and camera updates
  • - Run Command Center in the background with little CPU usage

  • Command Center delivers features even the professionals don't have

    Smart Video Management
    When you install the software you determine how much space to allow the system to use for video storage and the software automatically manages the disk space by replacing the oldest video with new recordings. By default, Command Center is set to record only motion events. Store months of video on as little as 20 GB of your PC's hard drive.

    Live View
    In Live view, you can watch the front door, driveway, kitchen, backyard, entertainment room, and office all at once.

    Watch everything around your home or business as it happens.

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